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Textbook or Equipment Rental

What is the Textbook Rental Program?

The textbook rental program allows Columbia College students the opportunity to save money on books by allowing students the opportunity to rent a book instead of purchasing it. The book rental program is very similar to renting a video from a video store, except that you are renting a textbook and you get to keep the book for a longer period of time. You pay a fraction of the retail price to borrow the book for a semester and then return it in good, reusable condition by the return date. Check the Manzanita Bookstore for the current titles that are available to rent.

How do I rent a textbook?

You must currently be enrolled at Columbia College, have a valid student ID card, a valid address and a valid VISA/MC credit card that does not within the 6 months of the purchase date. Once you have selected your rental title or titles, read and fill out the Rental Agreement Form and then sign it to indicate that you agree to the terms of the agreement. When you have completed these steps, you are now ready for checkout.When renting a textbook you are responsible for returning the book by the due date and keeping it in reusable condition. Rental books are also available online. Unfortunately,due to the required rental agreement acknowledgement, we are unable to process rental requests over the phone.

When do I have to return my rentals?

All rental books are due back to the Manzanita Bookstore the last day of the semester (for the specific date, please refer to your rental agreement form). Simply return your book at the refund/buyback register and we will check it in for you. Any rental book returned AFTER the due date will cause your student records to be placed on hold and will result in your credit card being charged the full price of the book. Note: Once a hold has been put in place, it may take up to 48 hours for the hold to be released after the books have been returned and/or your Replacement Fees have been paid.

What if I decide I want to keep the rental

If you decide that you would like to keep the rental book, simply come to the bookstore, before the second week of the semester, and a cashier will help you with the purchase of the book. This will ensure that the book is properly taken out of our rental system.

Can I make notes in the rental books?

You are allowed to do some highlighting in the rental books, but it should not be excessive. The book needs to remain in usable condition so that students may take advantage of the program during the next semester.

If I drop or change my class, can I get a refund?

The last day for a refund on any rental book is the same as the last day to refund regular books. Please refer to our current refund dates .